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Yup~ All commissions are in writing, though. Look at my journal for details. :D



XCrackedxButterflyX has started a donation pool!
3 / 100
Hi! So, I've opened up point commissions for writing, either original story's or fanfiction, and art!


A portrait (headshot) of a character - 1 point

A full-body picture of a character - 3 points

More than one character - 7 points



Reader-Insert Oneshot - 1 Point [ReaderXCanon/CanonXReaderXCanon]

OC-Insert Oneshot - 3 Points [CanonXOC/CanonXOCXCanon]

Canon Oneshot - 4 Points [CanonXCanon/CanonXCanonXCanon]

OC Oneshot - 5 Points [OCXOC/OCXOCXOC]


~ I will not do anything sexual, or nudes. This includes both lemons and smut in writing; fluff is my strong point, just as a heads up.

~ I will not do yuri, yaoi, or incest

~ I will not write or draw anything supernatural (ghosts, vampires, demons,ect.)

~ I will not do stories, or things with more than one chapter. Just oneshots

~ Feel free to send me a note if you think your request is taking too long; I find it helpful :)

Thank you very much for any commissions and/or points that are given. I appreciate it a lot. :)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi! As you can see, I'm XCrackedxButterflyX. I've been writing short-stories and fanfictions for about three years or so now, and drawing for about one. I started this account here to try and keep myself motivated to keep learning to draw. I also post fanfiction on the side, and I might post the odd story or two. ^^


Le stamps that, though I did not make, I enjoy muchley:

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design French 3 by Faeth-design

Italy Brothers Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
(Though I don't ship them~)

Nintendo Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Link Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker Kirby Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Toon Link Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

SEGA Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Billy Hatcher Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot I wanna move things with my mind by prosaix Sarcasm by bigfunkychiken N64: Stamp by JazzaX Sour Bill stamp by SA948-Stamps The thoughtfull stamp by FlamingKhHeart GameCube: Stamp by JazzaX Pencil tool love by prosaix Super Smash Bros Brawl Stamp by nakashimariku I Don't -Care- Stamp by Spikytastic Forgetful by prosaix Parents by Clelius Zelda Link Sheik Stamp by KenxKao Pokemon by Toxic-Fox-Girl Harvest Moon Stamp by p-o-c-k-e-t Music Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Maturity Stamp by bigfunkychiken I Support Loud Music Stamp by Sora05 Eeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter Pokemon by Daakukitsune MARVEL Hulk + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler More than romance - stamp by JessKat-art Old Spice Stamp by ClefairyKid I'm Inside Your Stamp by aeon-100 Too much senior-dArama by prosaix Treasure Planet stamp by 1Rusty Kakuna Rattata Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Videogame Music Stamp by RiniUsagiToSLove Harvest moon Chicken Stamp by odihemay6 Shiny pokemon Stamp by Swamperts I Really Don't Care by renatalmar female trainers stamp by sable-saro :thumb64407235: Ouran: Twins- Bothering Haruhi by Kaze-yo Tripping Stamp by Kitsune-chan3 I Like Broccoli Stamp by SerpentineCougarOversensitive Stamp by McNikk Haters Gonna Hate. by XxShirokoxX MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler Treasure Planet by bubblymilktea Mario and Luigi: Super Dance by Mr-Stamp ADVENTURE PFF STAMP by madelezabeth OC's by Lily-pily STAMP-Mario and Sonic 001 by NoNamepje Spongebob Stamp by OreoSpice The Sims 3 Stamp by snwgames Marvel Comics Thor Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Kirby Stamp by nakashimariku SSBB : CD stamp rQ by SupremeSonrio Does this look unsure to you? by littiot May the Triforce be with you by yubbi45 Super Mario 64 Stamp by SuperRamen Kirby Rocks Stamp by pikmin789 pokemon timeline stamp by kuribohspirit Russia stamp - kolkolkolkolkol by Riona-la-crevette Bad handwriting -Stamp- by xxkeikochanxx Cloud Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Marshmallow Stamp by Kezzi-Rose -Triforce of Courage Stamp- by ccucco Toad Stamp by Yowaii Kirby's Watermelon stamp by HystericDesigns Panda Are Awesome Stamp. by livinladolcevita Chimney Chickens Stamp by TheStaticCling Kute kittens by prosaix Puppy throwing by prosaix Shut Up by Petylossu SidlePlz by fricken-pimp Fix it Felix - I cant break anythingggg by DragneelGfx Jackass Stamp by AmethystKirby I support writing English by FragileReveries Groucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stamps I am mean Stamp by noter ..Bored.. by NoAngelHonestly From Anacreon by SirvanaRachana About Opinions by i-stamp Stamp - Ice Kirby by Blueeyedrat Harvest Moon Stamp 2 by oOLuccianaOo :thumb182210314: Zero Laser by dazedgumball STAMP: Scary Italy by Graphrite Serious stamp by DeviantSith ToonLinkxToonZelda stamp by HystericDesigns Thanks, Microwave. by LunnarEclipse The War on Pink by paramoreSUCKS Know What It Means by CassidyPeterson :thumb187682948: :thumb195223564:


Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Very High
Schizotypal: High
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Low
Narcissistic: Moderate
Avoidant: Moderate
Dependent: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive: High
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IQ Test
IQ Test - Intelligence Test

Rawr~ I am a genius! (Not really... :iconouranemocornerplz:)

You Are 52% Cynical

Yes, you are cynical, but more than anything, you're a realist.

You see what's screwed up in the world, but you also take time to remember what's right.

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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What Kind Of Villain Are You?
What Kind Of Villain Are You?
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What Anime Hair Color Best Suits Your Personality?
What Anime Hair Color Best Suits Your Personality?
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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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What Type Of Gamer Are You?
What Type Of Gamer Are You?
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Which Pokemon Fire Starter Are You?
Which Pokemon Fire Starter Are You?
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What Genre Of Manga Are You?
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The Zombie Bite Calculator

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44 deviations
  • Listening to: Game Over - Falling In Reverse
  • Reading: Maybe fanfics soon, I dunno... .___,
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Hopefully something soon, if I stop being lazy...
  • Drinking: TEAAAAAA!!! :D
I have been tagged by:

1.) Must post the rules here!
2.) Each person must share 10 things about them.
3.) Answer the 10 questions, then invent your own.
4.) Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
5.) No tag backs
6.) You can't say you don't do tags

10 Things About Me

1. Sugar is my life. I'm serious; you have no idea. Also, pizza. Drooling Tard 
2. I've never been to a concert before in my life
3. If you couldn't tell from above, I really like tea. A lot.
4. I dislike balloons, as they are hell it's self in unpredictable rubber casing.
5. I also adore plushes, for they are adorable
6. One of my favourite, if not my most favourite, pokemon is Bulbasaur. 
7. One of my biggest 'pet peeves' is the term 'pet peeves'; the other one is the constant red underlines when I spell things like colour or favourite with a 'u'. I'M A CANADIAN, DAMN INTERNET! THE WHOLE WORLD IS NOT AMERICA! :sulk: 
8. 21 Jump Street is currently my favourite movie.
9.  I HATE the movie Frozen. Like, stop. Just... just stop. :kiwf: Frozen - Olaf's Joy Icon 
10. Pink is my favourite colour. Yeah. That's right. Pink. Don't look at me. >.>

My answers to Wulferious' Questions

1. What's your favourite video game?
That's a really hard one, and I like a lot, but I think I'm going to go with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It was the first LoZ game I ever played, and I still love it. Toon Link is just so cute! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]  I've also been quite liking Rune Factory 4 lately. 

2. Are you in school? If you are, what grade or year of college are you in?
Not right now, it's summer! ;) Seriously though, I am. I'm in high school. I AM YET A BABE TO THIS WORLD.

3. What country are you from?
I am from the great and barren Canadia! That is to say, Canada.

4. Can you speak more than one language?
No, sadly I can not. I can say a few very basic phrases in French, though.

5. If you had a chance to play World of Warcraft, would you play it?
Well... if I could play it for free, I don't see any reason not to try it. I like MMORPG's, but not enough to be willing to pay for them, generally. ^^;

6. What are your top 5 characters of all time?
Oh man, that's a really hard one! THERE ARE SO MANY FANDOMS, AND CHARACTERS, I DONT EVEN-- ASDFGHJKL: Ok, let me try. In no particular order, mind you:
1. Link (LoZ)
2. Nico Robin (One Piece)
3. Jim Hawkins (Of Treasure Planet, as I haven't yet had the privilege of reading Treasure Island)
4. Romano (Hetalia)
5. Jimmy Hopkins (Bully: The Game)

7. What is your favourite live TV show?
I really don't watch TV... ^^;

8. If you could spend a week in ANY fictional universe, what would you pick and why?
I don't know... perhaps the world of One Piece? I just love those guys, and hanging out with them would be awesome. Otherwise, a world trapped in an MMORPG, like Log Horizon, though I haven't had a chance to watch much of that one. I've just always wanted to get stuck in a game like that! It would be awesome. 

9. What is your favourite type of music?
I'm not really picky. I like anything in the rock genre, mostly, or metal. I occasionally listen to random pop music to though. :P

10. Have you seen X-Men: Days of Future Past? If yo have, what's your opinion on it?
I have not, sadly... T_T I really want to, but I'll have to wait until I can buy it. I heard that it was really, really good though.

My Questions

1. What's your favourite colour?
2. What colour are your eyes?AHHHH 
3. What is your favourite video game series, if you play games?
4. If I might ask, what age range are you? Like, a teenager, young adult, ect?
5. What is your most used emoticon, would you say?
6. What piece of art that you've made and posted is your personal favourite?
7. What is your biggest fear? Mines bees. :shivering: v2 
8. What is your favourite language? (That doesn't have to be your first, or even one you actually speak)
9. What country do you currently reside in?
10. What is/was your favourite subject in school?

I tag: 

Some of my poor, unsuspecting watchers... Imma just do five, because no one told me I had to do any more.






Sorrryyyyy... ^^;

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