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January 31


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"Ewwww! Yucky! [Name] don't to that!"

"Wow, you're so cool!"

A mix of laughter and disgusted sequels from the little brother and sister you babysat echoed through the warm, crisp summer air, easily mingling with the laughter, cheers, and occasional cry of the children playing around on the equipment.

It was a pretty hot day, but not humid so that made it a perfect day to go outside. Because of this, you had decided to take the twins, [Girls Name] and [Boys Name] out to the park. Right now, just to tease them you were dangling a small earthworm you hand found in the dirt above your head, wiggling it around above your open jaw as if you were going to eat it.

This particular park was actually a pretty popular hang out spot for many of the popular kids at your school, -of whom you were most certainly not- but you really didn't care. This was the only park you could walk to from the twins place, and since you didn't have a car that made it your only real option if you wanted to go anywhere. And you really didn't care if anyone saw you; school was almost out for the summer anyway, so the teasing wouldn't last long.

Speaking of popular kids, there were a few scattered around the park today. Most of them payed you no mind, but there was one in particular who couldn't take his eyes off of you. You somehow managed not to noticed the intense red eyes that were locked on your curvy frame as you played with the two kids in front of you. The man staring at you was none other then Gilbert Beilschmidt, who was actually one of the most popular male in the school, along with his two best friends Antonio and Francis. Th three of them formed a group that was mostly known as the 'Bad Touch Trio', or 'BTT' for short. They had a few such names, but none of them bothered the young albino; he actually took a measure of pride in them.

"Ohonhonhon~ What do we 'ave 'ere~?" Gilbert suddenly heard familiar French laugh erupt from his right. He lazily let his head flop over to look at his blonde friend, a look of slight irritation held on his striking features.

"It look like our little Gilbert 'az a crush~" Francis teased, accompanied by a broad, knowing grin from Antonio.Gilbert simply rolled his eyes, pulling his elbows off the back of the wooden park bench and sitting forward to escape the teasing gazes of the two, his gaze falling on you again.

"Yeah, vhatever... But, just look at her. She's so cute." Gilbert's gaze softened as he continued to look at you. You were a strange one, that was for sure... or at least, you weren't like any of the other girls that he knew. He held you in the highest regards for this; the popular girls he usually associated himself were fun for about a night, but that was all really. And he would never know how many other guys felt the same way...

Somehow you hadn't noticed the intense gazes from the bright eyes of any of the three men and continued to simply run around, playing with the kids you had to babysit for the next few days while their parents were out of town. However, this obliviousness also meant that you didn't notice the looks you were getting from another group of 'populars' who's thought's of you weren't nearly as kind.

After a few moments this group walked over to where you were seated with the two kids a little while after you had put the worm down, Cheshire smirks worn on condescending, painted lips as they looked down at you, hands on their well sculpted hips that were easily shown off from their lack of decent clothing.

"Well well~ Look at what we have here~" One of them cooed in a way that probably would have made another girl from the threatening itch it held; it just made you cringe because her voice was nasily, fake and annoying; just like the rest of her.

"Gee [Name], we all knew you were disgusting, but eating worms? Really?"

"Well I can't say that I'm surprised." At this the girls burst out into a fit of irritating, nasily giggles, though you only rolled your eyes. The insult didn't bother you at all really, though they did seem to be upsetting the twins. You knew that saying anything wouldn't work, so you decided to do the only other thing you could think of. You began to scan the grass quickly, a mischievous, evil look beginning to twinkle in your [e/c] eyes as you found what you were looking for.

Once you again located the slimy little worm you pinched it between your fingers, gently picking it up. However the girls were too busy poking fun at you and laughing about it to even notice. Once you had a grip on the slimy creatures an uncontrollable smirk slip your lips as you looked up at one of the girls, doing the only thing you had been able to think of to do;

You threw the worm at her.

And it hit her square in the mouth.

[Extended Ending]

Gilbert had felt a surge of anger as the girls had walked over to you. Though he couldn't hear them or you he knew they would be making fun of you. He had almost gotten up to go do something about it, but his friends had stopped him. They knew you could take care of yourself, and that it would ruin Gilbert's reputation... well, that, and they wanted to see the show too.

Gilbert had watched with a glare as they continued, not noticing what you were doing either until you had finally done it. The slimy, pink work went sailing from your delicate hand, flying straight into the mouth of one of the girls.

Gilbert's red eyes widened as you defended yourself, the girl beginning to choke on her own disgust and sputter, her friends beginning to surround her with worried expressions as she spat out the worm, looking like she was about to cry.

Gilbert couldn't help but laugh, along with your restrained chuckles. She had deserved it. And another thing... you had defended yourself. Most girls would simply cower behind a boy for help with stuff like that, -or at least most of the girls he knew would- and he couldn't help but find it really... hot.

So, this is another old drabble from my days as a drabbleist on Quizilla. I decided to make a separate folder for them in my gallery, so I'll probably be re-uploading a few of my favourites~

Anyways, I liked this one ^^ I thought it was kind of funny. I hope you enjoyed it too! ^^
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Man I wish I had aim like that XDDD awesome!!! GO READER-CHAN!!! X3
And I remember Quizilla...not my friend -_-
XCrackedxButterflyX Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
;p glad you liked it~

And si, it is a pretty glitchy website. >.<
Ja es was awesome!!!! XD

Es hated me >_<
Holy crud. I am bad arse. nwn *intimidating happy stare at the girls*


Will there be anymore chapters, mah fraend?
XCrackedxButterflyX Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

And yeah, I think I'll continue it, since a lot of people seem to want me to. ^^"

YAYYYYY. :iconoldschoolownedplz:
raven-lunatic Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your writing is awesome! Will there be any more chapters?
XCrackedxButterflyX Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw, thank you so much! And I'm honestly not too sure at this point. If I can think of a way to do so I probably will though, since a lot of people seem to be requesting it! :)
Awe she didn't eat it! Oh, well. Good enough for me. Really good by the way.
XCrackedxButterflyX Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. :D
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